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about me

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I have had a lot of jobs. Really, a lot - from the theatrical; craft artisan, set painting, scenic artist, dresser, costumer, stage and production manager, even a turn through the World of Disney as a show artisan in L.A. and Hong Kong - to the classic artist's "trench" job of bartending. Even as a kid, I had a paper route, and considered a successful work day when I never had to leave the seat of my bike to deliver a paper. Ah, the perfect throw. So why are you reading my bio on an artist's page? It's time, it's time to start focusing on my own artwork.

What I put on these flat surfaces comes directly from what I feel and observe, or have felt and observed as I wandered through all of these diverse work spaces. Moments that capture my interest, or sometimes my irritation, end up depicted in full color. It is color and texture that I see when I have a reaction to life; it is color that I see when I observe a touching or funny moment while out with my friends. It's color that makes life move.

When asked what are my influences? In general, my answer would be you. The people that I have met and will meet whether on the job or at the local coffee shop. My interactions with friends, and observations of life in general follow me into my studio.

Specifically, the artists that have drawn my attention are Frieda Kahlo, Da Vinci, and Lee Krasner. Why? Frieda Kahlo for her raw depictions, Da Vinci for his prolific and mind boggling diversity, and the intense energy that I feel when I look at the works of Lee Krasner. I thank you for your continued influence on my work, and hope that you enjoy, or are at least intrigued and entertained by what ends up on my flat surfaces. Cheers!

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